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About Media Medley

"Nothing is more singular about this generation than its addiction to music." - Allan Bloom, ‘Music,’ The Closing Of The American Mind (1987).

Media Medley was founded in 2001 to help people find the hard-to-find, rare, and out of print music that brings back many happy memories. Our staff consists of dedicated people devoted to bringing you musical, visual and gaming pleasure. Our focus on details delivers accurate descriptions of pre-loved quality entertainment products, at the best value to you, so your enjoyable memories are further enhanced by your pleasurable acquisition.

Media Medley is a partnership limited liability company (PLC).

About Earl Douglass

Earl Douglass, 2004 Known to family and friends as "Earl The Pearl", Earl constantly astounds us with his ability to name an artist and song title just by hearing a fragment of even obscure songs. Or if we give him a phrase from a song, Earl can usually tell us the song title, artist, and the year it came out. The amazing thing is that Earl is right about 99 times out of a hundred. He’s able to do this because he’s been listening and cataloging music in his head since he was 9 years old.

Music is Earl’s lifelong love and he is thrilled to be able to share that pleasure with you by offering you these choice music CD selections.

About Cindy Douglass

Cindy Douglass, 2004 Cindy brings her organizational and motivational skills with her advertising & marketing experience, to Media Medley.

Her outstanding attention to detail, as well as her determination to satisfy the customer, makes for the heart and soul of the company.

In this day and age of "numbers" before customers, Cindy strives to imbue everyone at Media Medley with the mantra, "The customer is, and always will be, the number one asset to the company."

Cindy’s efforts are responsible for the success of this company. She is delighted that her work has indirectly brought so much happiness to so many people.

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