Apologies to my neighbors for my scream.

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Posted on January 6th, 2014 by Cindy. Filed in Personal.
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To all of my neighbors, I apologize for my long bloodcurling scream.
As you may know, we are experiencing some arctic polar weather. Our hot water pipe in the kitchen was not putting out water when I turned on the faucet. Ok. Assuming it was frozen pipe, I crawled into the crawl space with a dim lantern and my hair dryer. Discovered that the air vent in front of the water pipe was wide open and the icy cold air was gushing in. Easy fix. I closed the vent opening. Started to run the hair dryer at the pipe above me and noticed a piece of plastic laying on top of the water pipe.
I wondered why the workmen left a piece of plastic on the pipe. Annoyed, I reached up and grabbed it and pulled it down. The plastic felt weird. As my hand moved across the lantern light, I realized that I was holding a 5-6 ft long snake skin.
So I screamed.
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Why a female should keep her body image to herself

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Posted on August 27th, 2013 by Cindy. Filed in Personal.
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“Ow!” I exclaimed.
“What happened?” my hubby asked with concern, as he walked into the entry hall.
“I needed to unlock the door to take out the trash and dropped the bag of trash. The bag scratched my legs.”
”Not your beautiful legs!” hubby wailed. “Don’t mar your legs.”
I knew his reaction was a little over the top, but…
“Awwww! You think my legs are beautiful?” I asked happily. “That’s so sweet.” I glanced down at my bare legs. “But my legs have dog bite marks and varicose veins and they are starting to wobble, and…” my voice trailed off as I looked closer. “Wow! I really need to shave them.”
I then looked back up at my husband to see a big grin on his face, “Well, I guess I change my mind about your legs since you’ve hideously scarred them.”

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Getting Ready For Christmas 2012

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Posted on December 18th, 2012 by Cindy. Filed in Personal.
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“Gotta run Mom,” said my youngest.  It was 9 pm, and he wanted to be home when his girlfriend arrived home from work.

“Guess I’ll be leaving, too, Mom,” chimed my oldest son who’s still single.

I ruefully looked around the disheveled house. My dining room table was covered with the collection of Christmas wrapping paper storage bins – all opened and contents spewed everywhere over the table, chair and floor. Empty cardboard boxes joined the mix.  Every floor of every level of my house needed sweeping/vacuuming. Wrapping paper bits floated around with the breeze of the heater. My kitchen sink was filled with dirty pans.

My husband was due home at 10 pm from bowling. When he arrives, we have about 4 more hours of work to prep to ship the orders that came in today.

“But,” I started to say to my children.

“If you want, Mom, I’ll take the trash out as I go,” offered my oldest son.

“Do you want me to move the wrapping paper?” asked my youngest.

Although the labor ahead of me was daunting, I accepted my oldest son’s offer, and declined my youngest.

Then I smiled, thankful for such great men.

You see, today we again had a big shipping day. It was such a busy day that the dishes were left in the sink after breakfast, and we jumped on the work right away.

My youngest son showed up early in the day on his day off. His original plan was to get his Christmas wrapping done since he knows I have all the fixings. Youngest son postponed his plan and helped us worked all day. Then he went to the store, bought some chicken, came back here, and cooked Bourbon Chicken and stir-fried rice, all from scratch.

My oldest son arrived as my youngest was cooking. Earl and I ran out the door to take the shipments to the post office before it closed. Oldest son started helping youngest son by washing the dishes left over from breakfast and the dishes used in cooking.

When we came back from the post office run, my children had dinner ready to eat.

Over the delicious meal, my oldest son told of his day spent helping a car-less person transport the toys they were able to receive from Toys For Tots to the person’s house. Because of my son, and of course the Toys for Tots, two little children are going to get a Christmas this year.

After supper, Earl left to go bowling. My oldest son walked the dog with me. We had a nice conversation about love and family bonds. Back at the house, my youngest son carried in the Christmas presents from the car to the basement office/packing area. Upon returning, I decided to use the time to wrap a few presents myself. So I gathered up the collection of stuff I’ve accumulated over the year just for this event, and carried everything to my bedroom.

Every few minutes, one of us would make a run to the living room with a newly wrapped gift to place in the stockings and under the tree. Then there was another dash to the dining room to get different Christmas paper, ribbons, etc. After a couple of hours, my children were finished. They were ready to go to their own homes.

I, however, was not done wrapping presents. But time had run out. As I said goodbye to my boys, I felt a great amount of love for them.

Then I ran for the vacuum.

I’d gotten the presents I’d not finished wrapping sorted out, and put away for later. I’d vacuumed and picked up. I’d cleaned the dishes in the sink. I had not cleaned the basement office area yet, but Earl is home now. There’s always later. Now I have to get every thing prepared to ship again tomorrow.

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