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Coming Soon! Shopping At Media Medley

Sunday, July 30th, 2006

I’ve finally gotten to the point where we can begin loading our site with music CDs. We plan to have our website store quietly opened to the public in the next few weeks. Look for the news here once we get it opened. You are sure to find some good deals!

A grand opening is planned at a later date. I’d like to make the grand opening something special. If you have an idea on how we can make our grand opening fun and exciting, let us know. We are open to suggestions.

Getting Re-Motivated To List (On Ebay)

Friday, July 28th, 2006

Creating a listing for Ebay is scary and exhilarating the first few times you do it. Then it becomes routine. Large volume sellers quickly learn to streamline their efforts to maximize the use of their time and create more listings. That works great except that people are not machines. Do enough listing, and eventually you’ll find yourself in a non-motivated, monotonous funk. Are you there now? If so, how do you get re-motivated?

First examine what make you excited.

If you get excited about listing when your sales are going strong, but find your motivation dries up during slow sales, then give yourself a very small quota of items to list. Afterward spend some time revving up your customers by writing a newsletter, designing fliers (to be included in your packages), submitting your store address to various search sites, etc. The goal here is to increase your sales so that you can get excited again about listing.
If you find yourself excited and happy listing when you first buy product, but a week later running out of steam, try packing up the remaining unlisted stuff into boxes and store it for awhile. Some people report that going back a few months later to open boxes of good stuff to list is a bit like opening a present. That little bit of excitement can get them motivated to list again.

Who doesn’t remember turning up the radio and dancing around their room as kids? Some people find that turning on some danceable or rock music with the volume set to loud gives them more energy to get their listings done.

Are you the kind that gets excited until a job becomes overwhelmingly large? If your volume is very high, then break it down into small manageable groups. Decide if time spent listing, or the number of listings, is best for your purposes. At the end of your block of time, or at the completion of your goal number of listings, stop, get out of your chair and change your scenery or routine for a few minutes.

When all else fails, take a day off to recharge your creative batteries. Your business is supposed to be fun, not drudgery. If you are in a rut, you’ve probably forgotten how to have some fun. Go have some and then bring that excitement back with you!

Have you an idea not mentioned here? Please share.

The Gap Band – Gap Band II Music CD

Wednesday, July 26th, 2006

In our searches and travels we often run across some pretty rare music CDs. One of the rare ones we’ve found is an original, (and still sealed), 1993 Mercury CD release of the Gap Band II. Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

First released in 1979 on vinyl LP, The Gap Band II was the Gap Band’s forth album, but their first to gain gold recognition. If you are an R&B/soul/funk fan, you doubtlessly know this awesome classic.

If you don’t remember the Gap Band, but enjoy Prince, these are the guys that created the blueprint for Prince to follow.

We’ll be prepping a listing for this CD on Ebay in the next few days. If you’d like to be notified of this music CD when it’s placed on Ebay, sign up with our free, no obligation, music finder service.

We call our music finder service the Request Line. You tell us what you’d like us to find, and when it becomes available, you’ll get an automatic email. No more long futile hunts, no more forgetting, no more missing a bargain! How easy is that?