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An Adventure Oil Painting : Work In Progress 1 (WIP)

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

A new work in progress, titled “An Adventure”, has begun! It started with the idea of doing a book cover sample and gelled with the inspiration of my husband’s clowning around.

I’m working on a commissioned portrait, and still have plans to color glaze the Holey Aura. This piece, however, had to get laid down on canvas. So without further ado, I introduce “An Adventure!”

From The Heart : Oil Paintings

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

I often wondered how artists on Ebay were able to churn out their art in enough volume to sell for so little. After studying the sales of a couple of power sellers, it occurred to me that loose and fast art might be do-able. So yesterday I tried an experiment.

I wanted to see how fast I could paint, and still have something worthwhile to show for my efforts. I only was able to paint two 11 inch by 14 inch paintings in an evening.

I call these my “From The Heart” series. Ok, it’s not really a series. And might never be. After all, I’ve only created two paintings of this style. I feel more comfortable in my usual plodding method of painting.

So I will be selling these oil paintings for $29.95 each, or $49.95 for both. After all, Flowers and Butterflies From The Heart are always wonderful experiences.

Mixed Media Art Recycles Old Slippers

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

What do you do with a pair of Dearfoam slippers that are worn and torn? Every year I wear out a pair of slippers that end up in the trash. This year I thought to save a pair from the trash heap and celebrate the greatness of ordinary things.

This piece of art is made with a pair of old and sanitized Dearfoam slippers that are adhered to the canvas with the strongest glue I could find. I then sealed the whole piece, gessoed it, painted it with oil paints, and penned in the textual background with gold colored ink.

Night Walking: Slippers Deconstructed (  Mixed Media Art )
It turned out to be a unique and lovely piece of art with various parts of the slippers incorporated in the painted design. As I worked, I thought about if the slippers could talk, they’d have a story to tell.

The story these slippers would tell is written in gold as a background for the painting and reads:

I was once loved. I had been crushed to her breast after being pulled fresh from my box.
Her heartbeat underscored her voice as she thanked her husband for the sweet gift of me.

I fulfilled my role. I kept her feet warm, provided support and cushioned her stride as she went about her daily life. I quietly sustained her when her worries overwhelmed her nights as she paced the floor. I gave her feet wings when joy caused her to burst into spontaneous dancing.

Life wasn’t always easy. I had been kicked off, tossed around, vacuumed up, chewed on, wet, dirty, washed, and hung out to dry. I am now worn, old, tattered and frayed.
Yet, I am thankful to have had a useful life. For we all a purpose and I have fulfilled mine.

Thank you for viewing my art. This one can be purchased by contacting the webmaster.