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Oil Painting: Brandon And Bella Play

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

I’m painting again. Seems as if I have too many projects, and not enough time. So I’m slowly getting around to all of my requests. I’ve finally completed a painting of an adult boxer dog playing with a puppy boxer.

This oil painting on 3 foot by 2 foot canvas is titled, “Brandon and Bella Play”. It is a bit of a side trip from my usual style. The couple to whom this painting now belongs loves Keith Haring’s work. They also have some loose style artwork in their home.

This painting attempts to tie in those disparate works while also giving the nod to my own usual style.

Oil on canvas painting titled, Brandon and Bella Play.

Oil on canvas painting titled, "Brandon and Bella Play".

Another death in the family.

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

This is getting to be a yearly event around here. Sadness and nostalgia overwhelm me.

On a side note, I was going through my personal folder today and ran across this piece I had written some time ago.

======= I Forgave You ========

I forgave you for forgetting me,
for walking away from us three.
I am over my anger, my pain, and the betrayal.
I’ve accepted that you are foolish and frail.

You call once every 5 years
And gift me with justification and tears.
You live in a world where words and deeds don’t match.
And love is just an emergency hatch.

You say you want to be a matriarch.
Wow! That’s a shot in the dark.
I’ve lived my life without you, and so have my boys.
They don’t know you and refuse to be your toys.

“Let’s all get together,” you say
on the day after New Year’s Day.
And you talk of the children you kept and raised
who visited over the holidays.

I don’t cry for my Mommy any more.
You’ve been long gone out the door.
But every time we talk, my heart bleeds.
I forgave you, so why are you still hurting me?

==Cindy Marsh Douglass