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Tax Day 2010

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

I hope everyone had a smooth Tax Day. Our tax day seemed a bit more hectic that usual.

Up early for me (9 am). Shower. Got to see the tax preparer. Spent $thousands. At 1:30 we finished at the tax place, went to eat. Food must have been drugged. Hubby and I ended up dancing to Saturday Night Fever in the Post Office as we dropped off the tax forms. I have no idea why we were so freaking giddy.

Son #1 came over for moral support as he attempted to notify IRS of his fix on his taxes, would that solve everything? The Kinder Gentler IRS is no more, if there ever was such a thing! He got the run around from a person with a strong foreign accent. Has the IRS been farmed out to India? Son became frustrated. He will probably have to hire an attorney to fix a simple error.  Moral of the story, never make a mistake on taxes.

Son #2 all happy and lightness since he got a refund.

I ran around doing all the support stuff to get a few listings done.

Friend calls up from FL at 4:30 pm Eastern Time. He hadn’t started his somewhat complicated taxes, would DH please help him? DH got friend’s taxes done and submitted online. Friend happy with relief and small refund.

I walked the dog. A neighbor from up the street slowed down as she drove by, rolled down her window, smiled and said, “I want you to know that what you do it is greatly appreciated.” She then rolled up her window and drove away.

I don’t know why she’d “greatly appreciate” that I walk my dog every day. Maybe she was talking about our use of the scooper? Earl started dinner at 7:30 pm. Asked me to make the salad. I looked at the lettuce we had purchased earlier in the week and noticed it came with roots. I read, “Protect and sustain the environment with Living Lettuce.  Be part of the solution.”

Did that mean I was supposed to plant this living lettuce? Was I destroying the environment if I ate this lettuce? I felt cruel to planet earth, but my mouth started watering, so I ripped that head of lettuce to shreds. I assuaged my internal conflict by deciding that Mother Nature triumphed over Planet Earth and since they were married, it was ok.

Supper is over, dishes are cleaned. Now it’s time to prep for shipping tomorrow.

And thus I did not paint a single brush stroke. I’m going to be a very busy bee this weekend playing catch up if this painting is going to be done by Sunday night.