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New Oil Painting

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

There was a scheduled L.A. Laker’s game last night. This meant that Earl would be kept entertained for a few hours. We live on the East Coast. The Laker’s game started around 10:00 pm our time. I was extremely tired as tempted to just go to bed. But then I thought about my new art studio room, and I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance to create art.  So without further ado, Linville Falls River 01.

The Lakers won.

An Art Studio Room

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

I forgot to take a picture before hand of our one big bedroom. The bedroom had been made out of two before we bought the house. The bedroom looked nice enough I guess, except for the ruined carpet. But the windows and light fixtures were awkwardly placed (2 windows in the “closet”) and we wanted the extra bedroom back to maintain the house’s value since three bedroom houses are more desirable than two bedroom houses.  Here, the workers cut a hole for the extra doorway.

I’m tempted to turn this extra room into my art studio. I wonder how much a murphy bed costs?

This is looking inside the extra bedroom, which was the “closet”. Nice floor, huh? It is oak wood, original to the house. And it was all covered up with dingy carpet. The dangling wire is from old wall.

Putting the closet back. The carpenters reused the old closet wood, and made the doorway face the master bedroom. Also built in a small closet for the extra bedroom. Notice the light is now in the correct spot to be the closet light? It was off centered in the old big room.

Looking at the floor. The white stuff is dust from the demolition of the old wall.

Another view at the extra bedroom, before the new doorway was cut through the wall.  Notice the two light switches that were awkwardly placed behind the original bedroom door.  The double vertical lines on the wall were where the old wall was located.

A view of the ceiling which has two textures, and a functional, but blah, light fixture.

The job is finished. The floor is refinished. I’ve painted the walls. Months went by while I’d attended to other business projects.  The room became a storage area while I try to figure out how to have a studio room and a spare bedroom from one room.

Earl and discussed the bedroom slash art room. He vehemently argued against putting a bed into the art room, saying I’ll need the space. As I was outlining the reasons we needed a spare bed, it occurred to me that if the Non-artist in the family felt that strongly about the art room, I should just shut up and listen to him. LOL!

I called my son to help me attach canvas to the wall, and a shelf to hold large painting canvases.  Should we ever need the room back as a bedroom, the canvas can come down, some tack holes patched and easily touched up.

I was asked why I bother with protecting the walls. Well, I’m a messy painter, and I paint with oil paints.  The build up might be a problem in a few years, and I’d much prefer to not  sand the walls smooth. Besides, I understand that latex wall paint doesn’t adhere well to oil paints. This way, I can easily remove the canvas.

Son helped me move a cabinet into the room, and most of the stuff that was sitting on the floor has been moved out. I still need to add another shelf to the closet so that I can store the blankets.

Here’s a view of the room as you’d walk into it. Notice the growing collection of bowls, plates and cups. Those are the results of my clay throwing class. The artwork on the wall is from my oldest son when he was child. I loved the art, and had it framed.

Going further into the room, the cabinet is filled with art supplies. The space to the right will get a 4 ft table and chair for working on ACEOs, and other small art work. The space to the left will hold empty easels.

Turning more to the left, I’ve started a new painting. The photo print shown on the easel is a bit misleading, since that is planned for another painting. The blue canvas is 3 ft by 4 ft in size.

Did I mention I was a messy painter? Here is proof! I’m glad the oak floors are covered with a drop cloth.

Thank you for visiting my art studio. I hope to be able to produce some exciting new work in this space.

Making a clay pot

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Last night I was in my pottery making class. The pottery instructor showed us a demo on how to throw a cylinder pot using wet clay on a potter’s wheel. He then narrowed the top to make a small rimmed opening in the pot. The opening of the pot was about 2 to 3 inches wide. He looked inside and decided he needed to get the water out of the bottom of the pot. He then grabbed a sponge on a stick.

The sponge was rectangular and about 5 inches long. The sponge had wire wrapped around it’s middle, then attached to the stick.

As the instructor brought the sponge close to the hole of the wet clay pot, it was obvious that the sponge was far wider than the opening. As any one who has thrown pots can attest, wet clay is easily marred. I and apparently everyone else in the class held our collective breathe as we intently watched him shove the sponge-on-a-stick through the narrow opening.

When he got the sponge through without unduly damaging the wet clay at the rim, everyone in the class released their breathe to create an audible sigh of relief.

“It must be a guy thing,” I said. Everyone in the class turned to look at me questioningly. In explanation I exclaimed, “Well, I didn’t think it would fit!”