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More Advanced Forms in Clay

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Here is a batch of my most recent fired work. I’ve experimented with more advanced forms in clay, and working on my skills with pulled handles. The handles on the vase please me, so I must be getting a bit better at the creation of handles. The juicer was made from a two walled cylinder. And then there’s the teapot, probably the most advanced form there is since it requires a cylinder, a spout, a handle and a lid made similarly to a bowl turned upside down with a nob on top.

small vase, plate, two handled vase, juicer, teapot

New Fire Kissed Clay, Fresh From The Salt Kiln

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

I’ve had several pieces of clay work come out of the salt kiln. Only four were worthy of displaying at this time. These pieces came from the cone 10 salt kiln at college.

Salt Fired Pottery


Close up of Monkey on Lid

A friend asked me when I’d start selling my pottery. I plan on making the clay this spring and buying a wheel around Memorial Day.  I’d planned on spending the rest of year practicing my throwing the clay on the potter’s wheel. I had been planning on buying a kiln next year (in 2012). First, I don’t care to fire up a kiln full of amateurish pottery.  Secondly, I might not even have enough pieces to fire until I have a kiln; a kiln which I can’t afford right away.

But if I can pare down expenses to the bone and slim down the Christmas presents this year (can I live with the guilt?), maybe I can afford a kiln later this year. After all, I’m told that my future collectors are waiting on me!