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Cirque du Soleil And The Workbench

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

This morning, like every morning, my husband, Earl, walked the dog. And like every morning, he ran with the dog for a ways. Unlike every other morning, though, Earl miss stepped and took a tumble. As he rolled forward, he fell partly upon Buddy dog. Much chagrined, he and the dog both limped home to be tended, scolded and pampered. Luckily it appears neither were seriously hurt.

My oldest son, Walter, was here and witnessed the aftermath. Walter made “I’m glad you are not seriously hurt” remarks, then went out to the garage to begin building a workbench for Earl.

Walter is a big guy, has a big heart, but is not a big talker. He usually listens and seems to think deeply before he says anything. So most of his conversations are fairly direct. Some people underestimate Walter at times, because he is a bit eccentric in how he does things. For instance, he is about 6’2″ and recently dug a 3 foot hole using a 2.5 foot fox hole shovel, instead of a regular shovel. The people that hired him to dig a hole thought it was strange. Walter though, was testing the hypothesis that a knife sharp blade (even on a short shovel) made digging easier than with than a dull blade (on longer shovel). His nonconformity, his willingness to try out his ideas, is what makes him both strange and brilliant. I had forgotten to ask if his hypothesis worked out for him. I’ll have to remember to ask Walter about that.

At any rate, I followed Walter out the garage to help him since the design of the custom workbench was my idea. Walter is always patient to me and we work well together building stuff. As we neared the finish of building the bench, my son grabbed the sander and started sanding the table top and the edges. When he finished sanding the squared edges to a softer rounded edge, Walter grinned at me and said, “Thought I’d better put a rounded edge on that bench since Earl’s started auditioning for the Cirque Du Soleil.”

work bench

I love my son’s gentle jokes. Maybe one day when I have nothing else to do, I’ll paint a Curque du Soleil scene on that bench. But for the nonce, we papered over the top to prevent scratches to CD cases.