Why a female should keep her body image to herself

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“Ow!” I exclaimed.
“What happened?” my hubby asked with concern, as he walked into the entry hall.
“I needed to unlock the door to take out the trash and dropped the bag of trash. The bag scratched my legs.”
”Not your beautiful legs!” hubby wailed. “Don’t mar your legs.”
I knew his reaction was a little over the top, but…
“Awwww! You think my legs are beautiful?” I asked happily. “That’s so sweet.” I glanced down at my bare legs. “But my legs have dog bite marks and varicose veins and they are starting to wobble, and…” my voice trailed off as I looked closer. “Wow! I really need to shave them.”
I then looked back up at my husband to see a big grin on his face.
“Well, I guess I change my mind about your legs since you’ve hideously scarred them,” he said sardonically.

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