Apologies to my neighbors for my scream.

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To all of my neighbors, I apologize for my long bloodcurling scream.
As you may know, we are experiencing some arctic polar weather. Our hot water pipe in the kitchen was not putting out water when I turned on the faucet. Ok. Assuming it was frozen pipe, I crawled into the crawl space with a dim lantern and my hair dryer. Discovered that the air vent in front of the water pipe was wide open and the icy cold air was gushing in. Easy fix. I closed the vent opening. Started to run the hair dryer at the pipe above me and noticed a piece of plastic laying on top of the water pipe.
I wondered why the workmen left a piece of plastic on the pipe. Annoyed, I reached up and grabbed it and pulled it down. The plastic felt weird. As my hand moved across the lantern light, I realized that I was holding a 5-6 ft long snake skin.
So I screamed.

One comment to “Apologies to my neighbors for my scream.”

  1. Comment by J. Doe:

    This is why I pay a guy to visit my crawl space for me. First time he went down, he found all the dead rats in traps. And one little family of rats that had made a nice home in the insulation.

    Though I guess with the rats gone, there’s nothing to attract snakes!